Surging Bulls

Vision and Values

Our Vision

By developing and fostering a goal-oriented community, we will enable a wide range of on and off-chain solutions, further enriching the Solana ecosystem.
We aim to grow and hone our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (the Herd DAO or HDAO) through sustainable practices and holder empowerment.

Our Values


The team operates with loyalty, trust, and transparency as paramount. Through loyal leadership, mutual loyalty from stakeholders can be achieved. The team will continue to share necessary updates and ask for feedback as development continues. Community
We hold our HDAO-centric community second-to-none. With the HDAO at the core of the majority of our activities and decision-making, our community is encouraged to lend their voices and expertise, allowing each to take part in achieving a collective vision.


We are curious and passionate about constantly advancing to discover new insights, techniques, and solutions, and continuously challenging our own and other's assumptions through effective research and discussions.

Our Ethos

The herd is always stronger together!