Surging Bulls


Our pre-IDO token.


$vBARN is created with the sole purpose of rewarding early Metabarn adopters, by not only giving them a chance to gather as much as possible and swap to $BARN through a conversion rate announced closer to IDO, but also offering multiple options of spending along the way.
There will be a total supply of 500,000,000 $vBARN that can be gathered through the following methods:
  1. 1.
    450,000,000 $vBARN reserved for staking
    • 100 $vBARN per day with a staking period of 7 DAYS
    • 200 $vBARN per day with a staking period of 30 DAYS
    • 400 $vBARN per day with a staking period of 60 DAYS
  2. 2.
    49,000,000 $vBARN reserved for Herd DAO wallet
    • 40,000,000 $vBARN for creating a liquidity pool when funds are available
    • 9,000,000 $vBARN for unique activity contests on Discord and other social media.
  3. 3.
    1,000,000 $vBARN reserved for burning Surging Bulls' older collections—making them deflationary while increasing their historical value and scarcity—at 1,000 $vBARN each.
Staking will be custodial, meaning that the Metabarn NFT will leave your wallet once it's staked, and can be unstaked only after the period expires.
We will not set a liquidity pool for $vBARN if no opportunity arises, but we will list it on Famous Foxes' token market so it can be sold and bought based on the community's supply / demand.

$vBarn Utility

Anyone can mint a token, but without bringing utility to it, it will be useless. We will avoid that by bringing many options of spending to the $vBARN holders. BUT, spend it wisely, as the prime utility is that it will be converted into $BARN.
Here are some ways of spending that you will be able to spend $vBARN:
  • 90 Metabarn Bulls / Pigs / Chickens— for more info, visit Metabarn Characters
  • Three Legendary Metabarn Bulls / Pigs / Chickens— for more info, visitMetabarn Characters
  • Solana Blue Chip NFTs - Examples include SMB #1975, Portals | Ivory #2603, Degen Ape #6275 (already in our DAO Wallet)
  • Future Blue Chip NFTs
  • 1/1 Art Pieces from reputable artists
  • Tokenized Gin NFTs
  • Limited Merchandise Pieces
  • Metabarn 3D Figurines
  • $BARN conversion
All of the above are just the starting point and will be sold through lotteries, auctions, and direct sales with $vBARN.
Herd DAO will advise and vote to add additional rewards into the pool.