Surging Bulls

Metabarn Characters

Bulls, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, plants, goats, donkeys and sheep
Metabarn characters are the passports to different farms and features within the game. Art quality is prioritized over quantitative delivery, therefore each character will be launched as a separate collection in a series of many, one after the other. Breeding will be introduced for each character, as we do not want to limit the number of possible players.
Allocations of 4,096 OG Metabarn Characters
Earned Through
2,000 NFTs
Whitelist (WL) and / or Public Sale
2,000 NFTs
reserved for OG Bull holders. Read more in OG Overview​
90 NFTs
auctions / raffles using $vBARN/$BARN​
3 Legendary NFTs
auctions / raffles using $vBARN/$BARN​
2 Legendary NFTs
randomly distributed to Surging Bulls holders that have their bulls staked within the corresponding pools
1 Legendary NFT
auction in $SOL with 50% DAO, 50% artist
The Legendary title indicates that they are unique pieces in terms of traits and art, but the rarity will be decided by the community.
The WL (whitelist spot in pre-sale) guarantees an opportunity to mint and that the price will be reduced by 20% compared with public sales. Why does my 3D Bull have a "GEN 0" attribute? Breeding will be introduced for each Metabarn character, as we do not want to limit the number of possible players for the PE2 idle game, Metabarn. The initial supply is marked as "GEN 0" to denote the generation and it will pay a lower fee than breeding the characters resulted post-breeding. Future 'breeds' will be attributed with GEN 1, 2, 3, etc. As the generation increases, the breeding fee will as well, which will also enhance the utility and value of the token