Surging Bulls


Welcome to the Metabarn.
Metabarn is an NFT-based idle Play-To-Earn (P2E) game, inspired by well-known agricultural-simulation platforms. Players will be able to progress and earn even while they are offline through farm upgrades and breeding their Metabarn characters. There will be a sufficiently sophisticated game economy designed to give players a reason to spend $BARN—the main blockchain currency and in-game resources earned—and to keep going back to the core loop in order to acquire more of it.
Our initial vision covers nine different NFT collections that will be launched throughout this year in a series leading up to the development of the beta version: bulls, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, plants, goats, donkeys and sheep.
By focusing on releasing fresh content every quarter, we will maximize end use engagement and appeal. There are unlimited possibilities around a barnyard when it comes to features that can be added. New levels, storylines, and multiplayer modes by introducing other characters like foxes, wolves, insects, or agricultural machines are just a few of the many options we will explore.
On Metabarn, players will not only have the possibility to earn in-game tokens that can be redeemed for real profit, but they will have the chance to engage in an idyllic environment. This means that Metabarn will not only be a game that players spend time farming and harvesting, it will also allow them to find the best strategy to improve their yield capacity.
Metabarn will be also flexible and optimized for different platforms (i.e. web-browser compatibility such as iOS and Android).
Metabarn art assets. Position is subject to change, based on development needs.