Surging Bulls

Herd DAO

OG Bull NFT holders form the Herd DAO (HDAO)


The Herd DAO wallet was funded through 25% of the OG Bull NFT mint sales—1,000 SOL.
The Surging Bulls team's main objective is to gradually evolve the Herd DAO (HDAO) into a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization over time, once the project has sustainable ways of income and a stable governance system on the Solana blockchain.


Funding for the HDAO wallet will be through 50% of all the profits and revenue:
  • 50% of all Metabarn collection mint sales & royalties
  • 50% of Tokenized Gin mint sales & royalties
  • 50% of the OG NFT royalties
  • 50% of revenue from sales of Surging Bulls Merchandise
  • 50% of any other activity undertaken by Surging Bulls

The Herd Decentralized Autonomous Organization (HDAO)

  1. 1.
    Located in our Discord server — Activated through Verification
    • NFT verification system offering exclusive HDAO roles only to OG Bull holders
    • HDAO council is comprised of HDAO members, each holding 10 or more Bulls
    • Proposal system where any member can submit for council approval
    • Voting system for all proposals approved by the council
    • Team veto power to ensure that the Herd ecosystem flourishes
  2. 2.
    On-Chain Governance
    • Proposals are voted on-chain, where there will be a maximum of 2,000 votes (respective of the OG Bull NFT total supply)
    • Proposals will be debated by top holders before going to vote—ensuring fairness, transparency, and success
    • Future roadmap plans and the actions related to the HDAO's fund are decided by the HDAO, where the team has no veto power